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Giant tortoise "George" (last specimen of Chelonoidis Nigra abingdoni) was found dead on 24-June-2012


24-June-2012, another black day. A ranger Fausto Llerena, discovered the dead body of "Lonesome George" he died in his corral, located in the Turtle Breeding Center Land Giants in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island.

The Galapagos National Park, officially informed George's death involves exiticion of the bspecies from Pinta.


The Galapagos National Park Service, On 24 June 2012 at 8:00am local time, Edwin Naula, the Director of the Galápagos National Park announced that Lonesome George was found dead. Fausto Llerena, Inseparable turtle caretaker for so many years

Causes will be not known until necropsy is performed

Lonesome George was found on Pinta island in 1972 during an expedition to remove the goats that had been introduced, and impoverishing the vegetation to the detriment of native species on the island.

As George was the only specimen of the bspecies in the island, it was moved to PNG. In the National Park of Galapagos, severals attemps to reproduce George with related species from Isabela Island were unccessful. Despite the females laid eggs, they never were fertile.

After keeping all necessary samples, George's body will be embalmed and will remain in the Galapagos National Park



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