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Temperature: Uniform throughout the year, average temperature 18 º.
Precipitation: Annual average between 500 and 1500ml/año. Dry period of 5 to-8 months dry during the winter
Vegetation: Tropical forest, forest, deciduous forest, Miombo type, African savanna, caatinga and chaco South American
Distribution: Between 15 and 20 ° on both sides of Ecuador. Most are in Africa.


Climatic criteria Tropical climate, with summer rains and a dry period of 5 to 8
months. Annual rainfall ranges from 500 to 1500 mm.
Vegetation Dry tropical forest and woodland, including drier type of Miombo
and Sudanian woodlands, savana (Africa), caatinga and chaco
(South America), dry deciduous dipterocarp forest and woodlands
Distribution At both sides of equator, approximately between 15 and 20 degrees.
This zone is most extensive in Africa.


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