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01.00 - Abstract: Mauremys leprosa.


. [en] Spanish pond turtle, Mediterranean pond turtle Aut.:

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01.01 - Resumen de la Descripción

Mauremys leprosa:
Id.: 37.134

Excuseme, Now I'm translating this sheet to my bad English

The Spanish pond turtle (Mauremys leprosa) is a semi-aquatic freshwater turtle, retractable head into body (Pleurodira), rigid shell covered with horny shields, carapace color varies from greenish to greenish gray ocher, or breastplate, the plastron is well developed, covering almost the entire opening the carapace, light gray to yellowish, with or without diffuse spots, webbed feet, completed in a claw, his neck has longitudinal lines of lighter color, yellow to orange, and postorbital spot faint orange, reddish

Their habits are predominantly aquatic and diurnal. Just leave the water to bask on rocks and logs, spawn and move in search of other water bodies, forced by a shortage of food or water. During the cold of winter soft Mediterranean, stands quietly under the mud bottom of bodies of water.

Omnivorous: It feeds on aquatic insects, amphibians, carrion and any aquatic plant.

Its natural distribution now is Europe and North Africa, distributed west of Mediterranean areas, reaches 23cm, is found in ponds, streams, rivers, reservoirs, any type of aquifer. Supporting sewage.

Previously it was regarded as a bspecies of Mauremys caspica with Mauremys caspica leprosa.

Medida longitud cm. (LRP)±25
Medida peso gr.±800

01.02 -Resumen de la Historia Natural

Mauremys leprosa:  Natural live
Id.: 41.360


01.03 - Resumen de la Distribución y Habitat

Mauremys leprosa:  Range distribution
Id.: 10.329

 Suroeste de Europa y norte de Africa, IUCN Algeria; France; Libya; Morocco; Portugal; Spain; Tunisia


01.05 - Especies próximas

Fam: Geoemydidae con 76 especies

Lista de Géneros de la Familia Geoemydidae

  • Batagur ( 5 especies)
  • Chinemys ( 1 Especie)
  • Cuora ( 12 especies)
  • Cyclemys ( 7 especies)
  • Geoclemys ( 1 Especie)
  • Geoemyda ( 2 especies)
  • Hardella ( 1 Especie)
  • Heosemys ( 4 especies)
  • Leucocephalon ( 1 Especie)
  • Malayemys ( 1 Especie)
  • Mauremys ( 12 especies)
  • Melanochelys ( 2 especies)
  • Morenia ( 2 especies)
  • Notochelys ( 1 Especie)
  • Ocadia ( 3 especies)
  • Orlitia ( 1 Especie)
  • Pangshura ( 4 especies)
  • Rhinoclemmys ( 9 especies)
  • Sacalia ( 3 especies)
  • Siebenrockiella ( 2 especies)
  • Vijayachelys( 1 especies)

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01.06 - Galería de Imágenes

La galeria de imagenes de la especie Mauremys leprosa: contiene aproximadamente 234 imagenes referidas a la especie, su habitat, ditribucion, etc.

Aqui ve solo una muestra, accede a la Galeria Mauremys leprosa: para ver la galeria completa

Mauremys leprosa
Id.: 34.218
Mauremys leprosa
Id.: 19.790
Mauremys leprosa
Id.: 28.497
Mauremys leprosa
Id.: 34.172
Mauremys leprosa
Id.: 28.493
Mauremys leprosa
Id.: 19.793

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