Subtropical: At least eight months in TEMPERATURE above 10 ° C, located between 25 ° and 40 ° on both sides of Ecuador, mountain climate zones are located from the 1000m over sea level.

In this branch of the ranking include climate zones semi-arid tropical next to the domain, as well as the typical Mediterranean climate zone and a wet area, the latter in other classifications are considered "warm temperate"

  • Temperature: The colder periods with average temperatures above 0C
  • Rainfall: Rain: above 1000 ml / year, distributed throughout the year.
  • Distribution: Between 5 and 10 ° on both sides of Ecuador is located between 0 m. above the sea and los1500mts
  • Vegetation: Lush jungles, forests of conifers and deciduous forests of trees in winter

(FAO, FRA 2000 - Pag - 21)


Climatic criteria Subtropical humid: precipitation is distributed throughout the year
and all months are humid. Annual rainfall usually more than 1000
Vegetation Evergreen broadleaved forest, evergreen coniferous forest and
winter deciduous forest. Examples: Eucalyptus-Nothofagus forests
of Southeastern Australia and Tasmania, Castanopsis forest in
Southeast China, Aracauria forest in Brazil, Longleaf-Slash pine
forest in Southeast USA.
Distribution At eastern side of continents: Southeast USA, Southern Brazil,
Southeastern tip of Africa, Southeast Australia and Southeast China.